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6 Books - Software Programming (Game)

6 Books - Software Programming (Game) 
HF | PDF | 109 mb

3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development (Wordware Game Math Library) 
3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development covers fundamental 3D math concepts that are especially useful for computer game developers and programmers. The authors discuss the mathematical theory in detail and then provide the geometric interpretation necessary to make 3D math intuitive. Working C++ classes illustrate how to put the techniques into practice, and exercises at the end of each chapter help reinforce the concepts. This book explains basic concepts such as vectors, coordinate spaces, matrices, transformations, Euler angles, homogenous coordinates, geometric primitives, intersection tests, and triangle meshes; discusses orientation in 3D, including thorough coverage of quaternions and a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of different representation techniques; describes working C++ classes for mathematical and geometric entities and several different matrix classes, each tailored to specific geometric tasks; includes complete derivations for all the primitive transformation matrices. 

Advanced 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9 (Wordware Game Developer's Library) 
Text is an update to the prior text, Advanced 3D Game Programming Using DirectX 8.0; focusing on implementation changes to DirectX 9.0. For programmers who are new to graphics and game programming. 

Postmortems from Game Developer: Insights from the Developers of Unreal Tournament 
The popular Postmortem column in Game Developer magazine features firsthand accounts of how some of the most important and successful games of recent years have been made. This book offers the opportunity to harvest this expertise with one volume. The editor has organized the articles by theme and added previously unpublished analysis to reveal successful management techniques. Readers learn how superstars of the game industry like Peter Molyneux and Warren Spector have dealt with the development challenges such as managing complexity, software and game design issues, schedule challenges, and changing staff needs. 

The gmax Handbook (Game Development Series) 
After playing the same levels or flying the same airplane over and over, many avid gamers quickly tire of their games. Now, with gmax supported games, they have a 3D modeling tool that is easy to use, comes with documentation, and includes a common framework that can be used to modify many popular games. The gmax Handbook shows you how to use this powerful application to modify actual games, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, Dungeon Siege, Quake III Arena, Tr ainz, and more! 

C++ For Game Programmers (Game Development Series) 
C++ is the primary language used in game development; however, game programming has a unique set of challenges, which general application development techniques and recommendations don’t apply to. Written to address this issue, C++ for Game Programmers provides practical suggestions for what C++ features to use in game development and why. Many of the misconceptions of C++ are clarified, and programmers learn the most effective methods for using the language to create games. 

Awesome Game Creation: No Programming Required (Game Development) 
This is one of the first books CRM published in game development and it has been very successful. There are thousands of more game players today than there were in 2000 and many of these players want to know how to make their own games. Most of these people are not programmers, however, so they need a non-programming why to learn and that's why this book works so well! Awesome Game Creation: No Programming Required, Third Edition teaches game enthusiasts and aspiring developers how to create your own computer games without programming skills. It teaches how the whole game design process works, beginning with an overview of how to design a game, and moving through the creation process from the basic building blocks to sound, music, and graphics. 
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Judges and Unjust Laws: Common Law Constitutionalism and the Foundations of Judicial Review

Judges and Unjust Laws: Common Law Constitutionalism and the Foundations of Judicial ReviewBy Douglas Edlin

Publisher: University of Michigan Press 2010 | 336 Pages | ISBN: 0472116622 | PDF | 12 MB

"With keen insight into the common law mind, Edlin argues that there are rich resources within the law for judges to ground their opposition to morally outrageous laws, and a legal obligation on them to overturn it, consequent on the general common law obligation to develop the law. Thus, seriously unjust laws pose for common law judges a dilemma within the law, not just a moral challenge to the law, a conflict of obligations, not just a crisis of conscience. While rooted firmly in the history of common law jurisprudence, Edlin offers an entirely fresh perspective on an age-old jurisprudential conundrum. Edlin's case for his thesis is compelling." 
---Gerald J. Postema, Cary C. Boshamer Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Law, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and author of Bentham and the Common Law Tradition "Douglas Edlin builds a powerful historical, conceptual, and moral case for the proposition that judges on common law grounds should refuse to enforce unjust legislation. This is sure to be controversial in an age in which critics already excoriate judges for excessive activism when conducting constitutional judicial review. Edlin's challenge to conventional views is bold and compelling." ---Brian Z. Tamanaha, Chief Judge Benjamin N. Cardozo Professor of Law, St. John's University, and author of Law as a Means to an End: Threat to the Rule of Law "Professor Edlin's fascinating and well-researched distinction between constitutional review and common law review should influence substantially both scholarship on the history of judicial power in the United States and contemporary jurisprudential debates on the appropriate use of that power." ---Mark Graber, Professor of Law and Government, University of Maryland, and author of Dred Scott and the Problem of Constitutional Evil Is a judge legally obligated to enforce an unjust law? In Judges and Unjust Laws, Douglas E. Edlin uses case law analysis, legal theory, constitutional history, and political philosophy to examine the power of judicial review in the common law tradition. He finds that common law tradition gives judges a dual mandate: to apply the law and to develop it. There is no conflict between their official duty and their moral responsibility. Consequently, judges have the authority---perhaps even the obligation---to refuse to enforce laws that they determine unjust. As Edlin demonstrates, exploring the problems posed by unjust laws helps to illuminate the institutional role and responsibilities of common law judges.


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Since I started blogging the question that has been asked by maximum number of users via Comments, Web Forms or via Communities is "How to hack”. Rapidshare is one of the best file hosting service in the world. You can upload, Download files that you want very easily. But if you are not a premium user of Rapidshare then while downloading any file from the rapidshare, you will get annoying download time before getting the download link.
Today I am posting the answer to your most asked question via a very simple trick which will help you to reset the download waiting time to zero. So you can download your files very quickly.
Follow the steps given below and hack yourself:
1. Goto the Rapidshare URL of the file you want to Download.
2. Now click on the Free User button. Your waiting time will be start.
3. Now remove the current URL and copy the follwing code in the Browser’s address bar;
4. Hit Enter.
5. This code will set your download timer as zero and download link will be appear immediately.
6. Click Download. If it g ... Read more »
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Digital Television: Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial, IPTV, Mobile TV in the DVB Framework

Digital Television: Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial, IPTV, Mobile TV in the DVB Framework by Herve Benoit

Focal Press | 2008 | ISBN: 0240520815 | Pages: 304 | PDF | 15 MB

Digital Television is as an authoritative and complete overview that describes the technology of digital television broadcasting. It gives you a thorough technical description of the underlying principles of the DVB standard and the various steps of signal processing. Also included is a complete technical glossary of terms, abbreviations, and expressions that gives you quick reference.
PLEASE LOGIN ...................!!! ITS A KIND REQUEST.................!!!!
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Getting a Job in CG: Real Advice from Reel People

Getting a Job in CG: Real Advice from Reel People By Sean Wagstaff, Dariush Derakhshani

Publisher: Sybex 2004 | 304 Pages | ISBN: 0782142575 | PDF | 14 MB

Here is the definitive, insider's guide to landing that first critical job or upgrading your current job in the 3D/Effects industry. This Maya Press title, a joint publishing effort between Sybex and Alias, offers priceless, candid career strategies from the industry leaders. It starts off by introducing the myriad job possibilities and resume building techniques. Interviews with noted industry and academic insiders, job recruiters, and employers convey the tools, skills, and knowledge they look for when deciding who gets a shot. 
This practical guide advises you on how to produce an outstanding demo reel. You also learn where to meet the right people and how to ace the job interview. The CD includes samples of reels that landed jobs along with expert analysis of what made the difference.
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Overcoming Stress, Worry, Panic and Phobias A Five Areas Approach

Overcoming Stress, Worry, Panic and Phobias A Five Areas Approach

Oxford University Press, USA; 1 edition | February 28, 2010 | ISBN-10: 0340986557 | 355 pages | PDF | 14 Mb

Based on the highly successful Overcoming Anxiety, Overcoming Stress, Worry, Panic and Phobias presents a series of self-help workbooks for use in self-assessing and managing the symptoms of these conditions, with support from a health care professional. This book uses the clear, user-friendly format that is associated with the Overcoming... series. The interactive questions and worksheets are a key feature of the series and they are plentiful and appropriate in this new title. 
Using the established Five Areas Assessment model of depression, the book provides a clear model of intervention using the proven cognitive behavior therapy evidence-based approach. It is empowering and supportive, helping readers make changes to their lives in a planned and achievable way. The workbooks also provide an invaluable resource for counselors, general practitioners, nursing staff, psychiatrists, social workers, and others working with people suffering from panic, stress, or phobias.
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The Secret Language of Business: How to Read Anyone in 3 Seconds or Less

The Secret Language of Business: How to Read Anyone in 3 Seconds or Less by Kevin Hogan

Wiley | 2008-01-28 | ISBN: 0470222891 | PDF | 256 pages | 12 Mb

The Secret Language of Business reveals the secrets of body language and nonverbal communication. Successful professionals need more than just good communication skills, you also need the ability to interpret the nonverbal signals that everyone displays. You’ll learn how to master and manipulate your own body language, read the body language of others, and influence people through your new skills and perception. No matter what business you’re in, this is a valuable guide to achieving more in life and business. 


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How to Stay Connected with Friends,    Forever?

Friends are an integral part of our lives, aren’t they? We find friends everywhere. We have them in the school, college, music classes, parties, neighbourhood, relatives. There are just too many of them. One trouble I faced was about staying connected with them for ever.

How can you stay connected with friends always? How to just not loose them in some part of your life and never see them again?



1. Birthdays are the best way to keep connected – Note down birthdays of all your friends. Make sure you check the list once everyday. A spread sheet is the best way to keep track of birthdays. Just search the date and it’ll show you if anyone was born that day.

Also note down the numbers on one side so that you can make a quick ‘Happy Birthday Greeting’ call. Even if you’ve a long lost friend, they’ll feel good for you remembering their birthday.

2. Have an occasion, call friends to join you – If your friends are not too far away, I mean in your city, but you haven’t seen them for a while, a good way to spend time together is to go call them in your personal occasions. That way, they’ll feel good about having earned a friend who cares while you’ll make sure you still remain a good friend to them.

3. Just give them a call, man! – Well, you shouldn’t expect everyone to give you the call all the time. Take the initiative, give them a call. If you’ve too many of them, call someone every other day.

Talk about what they are doing, how’s life going, what they have enjoyed recently, share your troubles, appreciate them. I don’t say you call has to last whole day. Even a one-two minute call will suffice.

4. What is Facebook for? If you’re reading this, you probably have your own internet connection. Get on the Facebook and don’t just use it for marketing and networking. Post to someone’s wall, send a message, start a conversation. It’s quite easy these day, isn’t it?

The real problem you sometimes can’t connect with your friend is because you’ve some inner guilt that hurdles you friend approaching them. You something try to think from other’s perspectives.

You think what will they say, what will I talk about, what if they’ve a bad impression for me? Take your psychologies aside for a while and just get connected.

Even if you haven’t been in touch for a while, just give it a go. Possibly, they may be thinking the same thing you’ve been thinking all along.

It’s good to have friend and it’s good to have lots and lots of them. It’s good to stay connected with them. And hey, you don’t have to do much. Just send a simple hi if possible.

I read a wonderful quote in Reader’s Digest one day. It said ‘If you’re silent, you’re not living. To live, you’ve to be loud, colourful and noisy.’ How true are the words......!!!


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how to plans for jobs in software industry?

Hiring Companies always say that there is big gap in demand-supply of skilled manpower. While many engineers are passing out, in terms of employability, skilled man power is still lacking. Here are some secrets on how to overcome these statements.

Before starting your job search, there are some basic steps to perform. There is no point applying for jobs without knowing what you like, for example. Just being a good coder isn’t enough — you have to understand what the market wants and how you can adapt your own skills to find the right job for yourself.

Ask yourself some questions:
1) Are you a systems programmer or an application developer? 
2) Do you like coding user interfaces? 
3) Are you a good debugger?
4) Do you like testing? 
5) Are you an architect or a coder?

Non programming questions:
1) Does management interest you? 
2) Do you want to work for a big company?
3) Do you want to work for a small company? 
4) Do you want long-term or short-term projects?

How to market yourself:

1) Upgrade your skills and learn new technologies
2) Get certified 
3) Work on a temporary projects
4) Academic performance is important when companies use your marks in order to rank new graduates with little job experience

Technical and Nontechnical quesitons

Knowledge-based/Technical questions are an easy way for interviewers to assess your familiarity and experience with the programming languages and techniques they expect you to know based on the requirements for the job and what’s in your résumé. Be sure you have a good grasp of the fundamental knowledge you’ll need for the job for which you’re applying.

Examples of Technical Questions:
1) What are the differences between C++ and Java? 
2) Discuss friend classes in C++ and give an example of when you would use one?
3) Discuss what garbage collection is and explain different ways it can be implemented?
4) Discuss the differences between symmetric key cryptography and public key cryptography?
5) Compare and contrast a hash table and a binary search tree. If you were designing the address book data structure for a personal digital assistant (PDA) with limited memory, which one would you use?

Examples of Nontechnical Questions:

1) What Do You Want to Do?
you could say, "I’ve always been interested in systems-level programming and really enjoy it, so I’m hoping to join a large company and do systems-level work.” Or, you could say, "I want to do Web programming so I can show my work to my friends. I’m hoping to do this at a start-up where I can use my Web server experience and watch the company grow.”

2) What Is Your Favorite Programming Language?
3) Tell Me About Your Experience
4) What Are Your Career Goals?

5) Why Should We Hire You?
Keep things positive by talking about why you want to work at the company and why the job is a good match for your skills.

6) Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

Please visit careers section for more tips on Job skills, Career options, resumes and 150+ company interview questions at:

You can post your comments and questions to get answers from our blog
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                                                                  In the last decade we've had computers.  Then entered phones designed to, in some cases, replace those computers.  And then gadgets appeared and tried to replace those phones.  So these tablet concepts that pop up every now and then shouldn't actually create such a fuss, but for some reason, they do just that.  These videos illustrate how beautiful and creative technology can be, but until a company actually fabricates the hardware for such an amazing experience to run on, these fantastic ideas are reduced to nothing  but abstract fantasies, so to speak.

Enter the Apple tablet  (guesses on name? Our money is on iSlate).  Apple is legendary for transforming industries with its pioneering products that almost religiously embrace simplicity and ease of usage in their design ideology.  However, Apple is also notoriously tight-lipped about new product launches and has not released any information regarding technical specifications at this current point, although there’s a newly revealed patent application report from Appleinsider that claims it will possibly have multi-touch capabilities with tactile feedback, describing a surface which can "create physical bumps or dots for the user to feel when it is in keyboard mode”.  There is practically no doubt that some kind of tablet-like device will be released in 2010; there are many waiting to see just how Apple takes on this challenge by revolutionizing and changing the way we interact with new media:  websites, video, music, magazines, newspaper, and books that are all moving to digital format.

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