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is not only paper presentation u can do project almost all complete data
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Information Technology and Innovation Trends in Organizations: ItAIS
Information Technology and Innovation Trends in Organizations: ItAIS 
338 pages | Aug 31 2010 |ISBN:9783790826319 | PDF | 5.5 Mb
The book examines a wide range of issues that characterize the current IT based innovation trends in organisations. It contains a collection of research papers focusing on themes of growing interest in the field of Information System, Organization Studies, and Management. The book offers a multi-disciplinary view on Information Systems aiming to disseminate academic knowledge. It might be particularly relevant to IT practitioners such as information systems managers, business managers and IT consultants. The volume is divided into XIV sections, each one focusing on a specific theme.

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Information Technology and Innovation Trends in Organizations: ItAIS
Download Links (5.5 Mb) 

Information Technology and Innovation Trends in Organizations: ItAIS
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Android 3.0 Application Development Cookbook
Android 3.0 Application Development Cookbook 
Publisher: Pa..ckt Publis..hing 2012 | 272 Pages | ISBN: 1849512949 | PDF | 10 MB
Android is a mobile operating system that runs on a staggering number of smartphones and tablets. Android offers developers the ability to build extremely rich and innovative applications written using the Java programming language. Among the number of books that have been published on the topic, what’s missing is a thoroughly practical, hands-on book that takes you straight to getting your job done without boring you with too much theory.

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Android 3.0 Application Development Cookbook
Android 3.0 Application Development Cookbook will take you straight to the information you need to get your applications up and running. This book is written to provide you with the shortest possible route between an idea and a working application.

Work through the book from start to finish to become an Android expert, or use it as a reference book by applying recipes directly to your project.

This book covers every aspect of mobile app development, starting with major application components and screen layout and design, before moving on to how to manage sensors such as internal gyroscopes and near field communications. Towards the end, it delves into smartphone multimedia capabilities as well as graphics and animation, web access, and GPS.

Whether you are writing your first app or your hundredth, this is a book that you will come back to time and time again, with its many tips and tricks on the rich features of Android 3.

Over 100 working recipes covering every aspect of Android development.

What you will learn from this book:
Design custom layouts and widgets
Connect your application to the Web
Animate your applications
Create touch and motion sensitive apps
Respond to your user’s every move with sensor control
Use GPS to create location sensitive apps
Create and play back sound and video
Augment reality through camera controls
Access WiFi networks and Bluetooth
Incorporate Google Maps in your applications

Android 3.0 Application Development Cookbook
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The quantitative aptitude test measures the numerical ability and accuracy in mathematical calculations.
The questions range from purely numeric calculations to problems of arithmetic reasoning, graph and table reading, percentage analysis, categorization and quantitative analysis

The quantitative aptitude test measures the numerical ability and accuracy in mathematical calculations. The questions range from purely numeric calculations to problems of arithmetic reasoning, graph and table reading, percentage analysis, categorization and quantitative analysis


Verbal reasoning tests of intelligence provide an assessment of an individual's ability to think, reason and solve problems in different ways.

Verbal reasoning tests are often used as entrance examinations by schools, colleges and universities to select the most able applicants. They are also used by a growing number of employers as part of the selection/recruitment process.

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The intelligent wireless video camera described in this paper is designed using wireless video monitoring system, for detecting the presence of a person who is inside the restricted zone.  This type of automatic wireless video monitors is quite suitable for the isolated restricted zones, where the tight security is required.


The principle of remote sensing is utilized in this, to detect the presence of any person who is very near to reference point with in the zone.


A video camera collects the images from the reference points and then converts into electronic signals.  The collected images are converted from visible light into invisible

electronic signals inside a solid-state imager.  These signals are transmitted to the monitor,


In this paper for the demonstration purpose three reference points are taken.  Each reference point is arranged with two infrared LED’s and one lamp.  This arrangement is made to detect the presence of a person who is near the reference point.   The reference point is nothing but restricted area, when any person comes near to any reference point, then immediately that particular reference point output will become high and this high signal is fed to the computer.   Now the computer energizes that particular reference point lamp and rotates the video camera towards that reference point for collecting the images at that particular reference point. To rotate the video camera towards interrupted reference point, stepper motor is used.   

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Computer science project, online shopping websites

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In this paper we will describe an intelligent multi-modal interface for a large workforcemanagement system called the smart work manager. The main characteristics of the smart work manager are that it can process speech, text.
ELECTRONICS | Views: 937 | Downloads: 6 | Added by: kc | Date: 2011-07-07 | Comments (6)

Embedded Systems
Computers have evolved from few, huge mainframes shared by many people, and mini computersthat were smaller but still shared to today’s PCs—millions in number, miniscule in size compared to the mainframes, and used by only one person at a time. The next generation could be invisible, with billions being around and each of us using more than one at a time. Welcome to the world ofembedded systems, of computers that will not look like computers and won’t function like anything we’re familiar with.
COMPUTER SCIENCE | Views: 6489 | Downloads: 1 | Added by: kc | Date: 2011-06-26 | Comments (2)


              "HAPTICS”-- a technology that adds the sense of touch to virtual environment .Haptic  interfaces allow the user to feel as well as to see virtual objects on a computer, and so we can give an illusion of touching surfaces, shaping  virtual clay or moving objects around.

               The sensation of touch is the brain’s most effective learning mechanism --more effective than seeing or hearing—which is why the new technology holds so much promise as a teaching tool.

               Haptic technology is like exploring the virtual world with a stick. If you push the stick into a virtual balloon push back .The computer communicates sensations through a haptic interface –a  stick, scalpel, racket or pen that is connected to a force-exerting  motors.

               With this technology we can now sit down at a computer terminal and touch objects that exist only in the "mind" of the computer.By using special input/output devices (joysticks, data gloves, or other devices), users can receive feedback from computer applications in the form of felt sensations in the hand or other parts of the body. In combination with a visual display, haptics technology can be used to train people for tasks requiring hand-eye coordination, such as surgery and space ship maneuvers.

                In this paper we explicate how sensors and actuators are used for tracking the position and movement of the haptic device moved by the operator. We mention the different types of force rendering algorithms. Then, we move on to a few applications of Haptic Technology. Finally we conclude by mentioning a few future developments. 

COMPUTER SCIENCE | Views: 669 | Downloads: 4 | Added by: kc | Date: 2011-05-04 | Comments (3)